Liquid Roof System

  • Provides cost-effective life-cycle extension of failing roofs 
  • Fast-curing – rain resistant in 10 minutes 
  • Easily recoated, no stripping required 
  • Retains flexibility even at low temperatures
Liquid Roof

Reputable Suppliers Of High-Quality Liquid Roof

As one of Cardiff’s leading home improvement specialists, we supply only the most high-quality products available for all types of home improvement projects which includes a premium liquid roof system from Everbuild. Suitable for waterproofing any flat or pitched style roof, the Everbuild liquid roofing system will provide resistant protection against all year round weather. 

To enquire about the Everbuild liquid roof system give us a call to speak to one of our friendly experts, or you can fill out a contact form.

What Is The Everbuild Liquid Roof System?

The Everbuild liquid roof system is a sophisticated waterproof membrane coating that is made up of polyurethane and is applied to fit the entire roof surface with a seamless smooth-coated finish.  A liquid roof system is ideal for flat and pitched roof areas where new extensions or other projects such as refurbishments are taking place. The liquid roof system can be applied to already existing roofs so you don’t have to worry about ripping out your old roof material which makes this a very convenient roofing system to invest in.


Liquid Roof

What Are the Benefits Of Everbuild Liquid Roof Coating?

The reason why liquid roof systems are becoming more and more popular for extensions and projects involving roof improvements is because of the benefits that come with the polyurethane membrane. Benefits of the Everbuild liquid roof coating include:

  • Offers a cost-effective life-cycle extension of outdated and poor roofs
  • Fast-curing and can be water-resistant within 10 minutes of the application
  • Ready to use and very easy to apply
  • Can be reinforced with Sikalastix Fleece 120
  • Easily recoated and requires no stripping
  • Retains flexibility very effectively even at lower temperatures
  • Compatible with most common substrates