Patio & French Doors

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Patio & French Doors

Bring The Outside In

Let the best of the outside in with an elegant and space-saving in-line Sliding Patio Door. This is the ideal garden door solution for homeowners who wish to take advantage of even more natural light and almost panoramic views, without compromising on valuable living space. Available with the option of multiple sliding sashes, in-line Patio Doors are a functional and stylish home improvement to match your windows. Available in a range of colours and woodgrain finishes these doors provide the perfect bridge to your conservatory or outdoors.

Our Colour Options

Patio & French Doors
UPVC Coloured Doors Cardiff

Benefits of Patio & French Doors

Whether fully opened or closed, these doors maintain their crisp lines and commanding levels of visibility in either extreme. A one-piece stainless steel track enables effortless opening and closing, allowing luxurious access between home and garden, truly letting your house breathe. When closed, maximum weather resistance is ensured thanks to double brush seals on all four sides, coupled with an unique quadruple seal interlock.

Why Patio Doors?

They are adept at insulating your home against heat loss, helping to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint and keeping your property safe and secure. Security plays a central role with these innovative doors. They feature toughened or laminated glazing, with multi-point hook locks. The entire door frame is fully steel reinforced for strength and durability.

These doors are fitted with ‘anti-lift’ blocks and are available with anti-pick cylinder locks to deter even the most-determined potential intruder. All our Sliding Patio Doors come with the long-life, low-maintenance and insurance backed guarantees you’d expect from Capital UPVC.

Specialists In The Trade

At Capital UPVC, we are windows and doors specialists – installing many different types of fantastic windows and doors for our clients, including our range of uPVC doors in Cardiff. Our patio doors are no exception, offering a stunning addition to your property.

Energy Efficient Patio Doors from South Wales’ Greenest Home Improvement Company

Energy efficiency is becoming more and more important due to the fact that environmental consciousness and changes that can be made in everyday life and at the home is now so important. This is why we made our pledge to become South Wales’ greenest home improvement company and our patio doors are one of the market leading products in terms of energy efficiency. This results in a return on your investment over time due to reduced energy bills and you can expect to see a return on your investment when you invest in our patio doors. Our patio doors are the perfect way to access your home without having to risk heat being let out of your home.

Patio & French Doors
Patio & French Doors

Security Is Included in All of Our Door Products as Standard

We understand that security of the home is of the utmost importance to homeowners which is why our range of products have security systems installed as standard. Our patio doors are no exception, the anti-lift blocks that are included for added security ensure that intruders will have an extremely hard time trying to access your home by breaching your patio door. It’s important that any external entry point is highly secure and this is why our range of products are built with security in mind. If the overall security of your home is a concern then why not consider our other range of doors. As well as patio doors, our bifolding and composite front doors are extremely secure and will keep intruders out of your home.

To purchase and arrange for the installation of patio doors in Cardiff, get in touch with a member of our team today. You can get in touch using an online contact form on our website or telephone our team now.