EPDM & Fibreglass

Roofing Materials – EPDM & Fibreglass
When deciding upon the perfect material to replace your old flat roof lining or to construct a new one, you will find that the most commonly used and effective products are the following roofing materials – EPDM & fibreglass.

What Is EPDM & Fibreglass?

EPDM is essentially a thick rubber sheet that is malleable enough to be stretched over a flat roof which therefore makes it weatherproof. This clever material is around the same price as fibreglass and is available in black.

Fibreglass is available in a vast range of colours and like EPDM it can be formed into a variety of shapes to suit any flat roof’s floor plan. Fibreglass is a very specialist material, but is no problem for the experienced staff at Capital UPVC Ltd.

Why Are EPDM & Fibreglass Good For Roofing?
EPDM and fibreglass are perfect for flat roofing because of the properties that they posses. They are both malleable and sturdy, perfect for protecting your flat roof from nasty leaks.

The covering that you choose all depends upon the type of roof and whether you are happy with the black that EPDM comes in or whether you prefer the choice of colours that the fibreglass offers; there is no right or wrong answer.

Using Capital UPVC Ltd In Cardiff To Fit You EPDM & Fibreglass

Capital UPVC Ltd in Cardiff offer a 10 year guarantee on all of their work, including their flat roof installation or repair using EPDM & Fibreglass. With over 50 years worth of experience, Capital UPVC Ltd are Cardiff’s one stop shop for all your flat roofing needs.