Enclosed Blinds

  • Choice of Colours
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Venetian or Pleated Blinds
  • Fabulous Finance Options

Control Natural Light & Privacy

The single operation system allows you to lower or tilt your blinds with ease – giving you a wonderful, private and innovative system. This allows you to easily control your blinds from the comfort of your chair whilst allowing you to change your blinds to suit your needs. These blinds are perfect for controlling the lighting of a room at your discretion – offering you increased privacy during the night and a heightened sense of security knowing that nobody can look into your property.

Control of Your Enclosed Blinds is at Your Fingertips

The ergonomic design of our enclosed blinds ensures that you can control your blinds at easy reach and you will not have to get up to adjust your blinds to your liking. The fingertip control also makes it more simple to operate your blinds, allowing you to enjoy the ambience in your room. This simple yet effective design ensures that you are able to operate your blinds at the utmost of comfort.

No Maintenance Required

Our enclosed blinds remove the need to dust or clean the glass which means that you do not need to carry out maintenance on your new blinds. This removes the hassle with your new blinds and allows you to enjoy your blinds without having to think about the maintenance, dusting and cleaning that is often required.

Available in Standard & Custom Sizes

The versatility of our enclosed blinds is further illustrated by the fact that our Light-Touch Blinds are available in standard sizes as well as custom sizes to suit your needs. Wherever you need your brand new enclosed blinds, our expert installation team can install your enclosed blinds so that you can enjoy the privacy and lighting that is provided by these innovative systems.

Specialists In The Trade

At Capital UPVC, we are window specialists – installing many different types of fantastic windows for our clients, including our extensive range of UPVC windows in Cardiff. Our enclosed blinds are no exception, offering a stunning addition to your property.

Increased Privacy & Security

Our enclosed blinds are highly popular for those who are looking for increased privacy and security. Our enclosed blinds are highly durable which increases security against intruders. You are also able to fully close your blinds so that potential thieves cannot look inside your property. The security of your property is of the utmost importance to us and this is reflected in the excellent security ratings of all of our products.

Optimal Efficiency

Should you wish to increase the thermal efficiency of your enclosed blinds, our Light-Touch Blinds are available with Low-E glass and can be gas filled to improve u-values. This ensures that your blinds are of the utmost efficiency – putting money back in your pocket which you will save on energy bills.

Install Your New Enclosed Blinds Today

If you are looking for new and innovative blinds then our enclosed blinds are the perfect product for you. Combining simplicity in design and function with state of the art security and privacy – these blinds are perfectly suited for your home. So to find out more about our enclosed blinds or to arrange for the installation of your new enclosed blinds, contact our team today on: 029 2047 2700 or use an online contact form on our website.