Leka Roof Systems

The LEKA Warm Roof has been engineered through innovative methods, highly technical design protocols and practical experience to create the best conservatory roof system

As Practical as it is Beautiful

A conservatory is a beautiful light filled room where it’s a pleasure to spend time. A calming space that enhances your lifestyle and gives you that valuable extra living space, adding value to your home

But have you considered how you will keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter? By choosing a conservatory fitted with a LEKA Warm Roof you will have a conservatory that is a room to be enjoyed all year round, What’s more, because it has all the looks of a traditional extension it will be a seamless addition to the home.

The LEKA Difference

The LEKA Warm Roof has been designed and engineered to offer you so much more.

It is a truly lightweight tiled conservatory roof with an overall U-Value of just 0.15. This makes the LEKA Warm Roof one of the most lightweight and energy efficient roofs on the market today and offers the perfect balance between energy efficiency and comfortable living.

The roof is designed and installed in layers offering the ultimate in energy efficiency. not only will this offer saving son your energy bills but will help reduce your carbon footprint, and you will notice you have a quieter room thanks to the improved insulation that the LEKA Warm Roof offers.
The Technical Benefits

There are so many technical benefits that the LEKA Warm Roof offers:

Truly Lightweight

The Truly Lightweight tiled conservatory roofing system (no smoke screens). We do not brand the new LEKA Warm Roof as a lightweight roofing system without the facts to back it up, whilst subsequent competitor products actually weigh nearby double that of a traditional glass conservatory roof.

Better Lifespan

Using either Metrotile lightweight sheet for your outer finish of your new sunroom or a Tapco slate alternative you can rest assured that the product provides better lifespan to a heavy alternative tile and is lighter than that of a concrete or traditional slate.

Glass reinforced Plastic.

Using GRP or glass reinforced plastic allows a structurally tested, lighter alternative to aluminium and timber when providing the main structural roof rafters. GRP is not at risk of swearing/condensation or cold bridging like aluminium. Nor is GRP open to wood worm, moisture absorption or potential rotting such as timer. The LEKA Warm Roof Structural profiles are manufactured and comply with BS EN 13706.

Improved efficiency

Having a load bearing structural insulated and weatherproof outer sheet allows the use of less roofing bars and so our roof bars can be spaced further apart which reduces weight and also improves energy efficiency levels.

More innovation

With innovative products throughout and combining insulated sheets with Celotex insulation the LEKA Warm Roof has less elements to install onsite which speeds up your installation timings with average installation only taking 2-3 days including removal of your old conservatory roof.

Industry Leading U Value

The LEKA Warm Roof has an industry leading U-Value of 0.15. Making the LEKA Warm Roof virtually unbeatable in its market. Unlike competitor systems achieving only a U-Value of 0.18, we do not just add excessive quantities of thick insulation to overcome thermal bridging – conductivity issues when using aluminium, or moisture absorption when using timber, our system is engineered much better. Every layer and product element is implemented to not just suit its primary purpose, but to be more insulated naturally and have no thermal conductivity elements, making the LEKA Warm Roof one of the most superior systems.

Within 30-40KG of a Traditional Glass Roof

Average LEKA Warm Roof weigh within -30-40KG of a traditional glass conservatory roof which allows (in most cases) your existing conservatory frames to take the weight of your new LEKA Warm Roof.

LEKA Insulated Board

With our own LEKA insulated finishing board replacing the need for plasterboard as the internal finish prior to plastering, this new innovative board is a third the weight of a plaster board and insulated at the same time.

No Outer Plywood Needed

Removing the usual need for an outer plywood material which again is open to deterioration over a period of time and replacing with the new LEKA structural, 100% weatherproof, lightweight insulated boarding system reduces the overall weight of the roofing system and improves the overall U-Values of the finished product.