Artificial Grass

  • Choice of Pile Depth
  • Low Maintenance
  • Ideal for Pets & Children
  • Fabulous Finance Options

Suppliers of Beautiful Grass – Whatever the Weather

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The Witchgrass Range of artificial grass – Beautiful grass – whatever the weather

Capital UPVC supplies and installs the most true-to-life artificial grass available in the UK. Our high-quality artificial grass has a fabulous visual appearance of a real lawn but without the upkeep. It’s suitable for landscaping, gardens, and terraces.

With many homeowners opting for artificial grass to replace or instead of natural grass, it’s hardly a surprise that this is becoming more and more popular. Artificial grass is the perfect alternative, offering low maintenance and has a wide range of different applications.

We offer a variety of pile depth based on your individual requirements. It’s easy to install and safe for children and pets. It’s built to last and comes with a 10-year guarantee as standard.

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Wonderful Grass Without the Upkeep

In the summer months, it can become very difficult to regularly maintain natural grass. With the rapid increase in growth of your turf you will likely need to carry out maintenance on your lawn potentially every day. The usage of pesticides is not required for your artificial grass which means that you will not need to use these products. It is very simple for rocks, aggregates and other debris to be removed from your artificial grass so you get a fantastic lawn without any of the hassle!

Specialists In The Trade

At Capital UPVC, we are window specialists – installing many different types of fantastic windows for our clients. Our artificial grasses are no exception, offering a stunning addition to your property.

Artificial Grass Puts Money Back in Your Pocket

Apart from saving money and reducing your environmental impact from not having to use pesticides, there are other costs that are removed completely should you decide to install artificial grass. For starters, you will not have to water your grass – saving you water in comparison to having natural grass. Your brand new artificial grass will save money in maintenance costs alone whilst looking fantastic in your landscaping area or garden.

Grass That Looks Fantastic in All Seasons

Your artificial grass won’t just look great in the summer, it looks great all year round and will retain the natural green appearance of grass no matter what the weather throws at it. Artificial grass is also highly weather resistant – which means that frost damage and other environmental risks are mitigated when you choose to install artificial grass at your property.

Environmentally Friendly

Reducing your use of pesticides, fertilisers & fungicides is great for the environment as well as meaning you don’t need to shell out on these products. Your new artificial grass is not attractive to pests, meaning that you won’t have to worry about these pesky critters causing havoc in your garden or landscaping area.

Artificial grass is also pet and child-friendly, meaning that your pets and children can play in the grass without being at risk from chemicals and pests that may be in the grass. The preservation of water is also important for the environment – extensive summer water usage can have a highly negative impact which is why it’s very important to save water during the summer.

There is no requirement to mow your lawn. Although a traditional push mower uses a bit of elbow grease compared to more traditional mowers – electric, petrol or diesel mowers are more harmful for the environment than having an artificial grass area that does not require mowing.