UPVC Triple Glazing

An unrivalled window solution in terms of home comfort, there is no match for the thermal insulation and noise reduction that triple glazing provides.

Adding a third, central pane of glass to the standard design of double glazed windows allows space for two, sealed pockets of inert gas. Experimenting with the gaps between the panes, designers have determined the optimum separation to minimise the window’s thermal and acoustic conductivity.

As building standards improve and regulations become more stringent, triple glazing’s place in the market becomes more important. With walling and window frames becoming ever more energy efficient, the pressure has been put on glazing to keep pace and avoid becoming the weak link in the chain – if not, cold spots, draughts and condensation are the likely consequences for homeowners. Professionally-installed triple glazing addresses not only these problems but can actually reflect heat back into a room by means of a low-emissivity metallic coating. It represents a tougher barrier to intruders and can even reduce the effect of the sun’s UV rays, known to fade furniture. As with any installation from a Capital uPVC, our triple glazed windows are covered by longlife, low maintenance and insurance backed guarantees.

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