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Design & Build Your Dream Conservatory

Inspired by Victorian design and architecture complete with ornate cresting and finials, it’s easy to see why the Victorian is one of if not the most popular style of Conservatory.

Thanks to its impressive versatility, the Victorian will complement most types of property, adding extra light, air and grandeur to your home. Available in 3 and 5 faceted versions, its readily adapted into whatever space is available- from a large garden to a small patio area.

Why Victorian?

The Victorian style is credited to have been used extensively during the middle to late 19th century. When a product or object is coined as ‘Victorian,’ this is usually pointing to the revivalist aesthetic that was used largely during the reign of Queen Victoria. With the adoption of steel in construction in the latter part of the 19th century, wonderful Victorian conservatories were coming into fruition – birthing the modern Victorian conservatory that we see today!

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Specialists In The Trade

At Capital UPVC, we are window specialists – installing many different types of fantastic windows for our clients. Our Victorian conservatories are no exception, offering a stunning addition to your property.

Adding a Classical Extension to Your Property

A classical extension to your property is a highly popular extension option and the Victorian conservatory is no exception. This type of conservatory suits all styles of houses whether your property is a new build property or a period property. With a huge variety of styles, ornate cresting, finials and intricate design aspects – you can install an extension that brings a heightened sense of elegance to your property.

Add Additional Space in Your Property

One of the main reasons as to why individuals choose to install a conservatory in their property is to increase the usable space that is available. The spacious interior that is offered by a Victorian conservatory can also be used to balance a lack of space in your property allowing you to create a completely new space in your property.

There are also many different uses for your conservatory. Conservatories of old were almost exclusively used for housing tropical plants and wouldn’t have been used as an additional room in a property. This is not the case in the modern day, with your conservatory being able to be used for a wide range of different purposes. You can use your conservatory as an office area or dining area but there is no limit as to how you can use your conservatory!

Victorian Conservatory Designers Cardiff
Cardiff Victorian Conservatories

Enjoy Nature & Natural Sunlight

Your Victorian conservatory allows you to enjoy the outdoors, linking your home to your garden area with ease. You are not only limited to your conservatory when choosing to install one, but you can also add a whole host of other features that Capital UPVC provides! Consider a patio or our bi-folding doors to truly connect your home to the outdoors!

Natural light is a great way to improve the feel of your home. Having access to natural light improves the interior atmosphere of your property and can be used to really highlight the beauty of the interior of your property. You will see the benefits of this all year round and this isn’t just limited to the warm summer months!

Install a Victorian Conservatory With Capital UPVC

Installing a Victorian conservatory offers a wide range of benefits as well as even being able to increase the overall value of your property! Adding an extension is also cheaper than other options such as building an entirely new extension in your home.

To find out more about our wonderful range of Victorian conservatories – contact our team today on: 029 2047 2700 or use an online contact form on our website.