Guttering Cardiff

Freefoam’s rainwater range Freeflow 1 is designed to be leak-free and to stay that way. It withstands extreme differences in temperature, from a sweltering 30°C down to a finger-numbing -15°C. it will protect your home whatever the weather.

Fluctuations in temperature cause gutters to expand in the heat and contract in the cold. You’ve probably heard the sound of them moving when you’ve been sitting outside on a warm summer’s evening – or perhaps you’ve been kept awake at night as they creak and shift about as they cool down.

This constant movement puts strains on standard seals which are hard and inflexible, so they soon begin to leak. Freefoam’s long-life, advanced compressible seals permit movement without noise, and without creating gaps that allow water to escape.

Freefoam’s Freeflow1 range has a distinctive layer of white PVC inside the gutter, whatever the colour on the inside. This cleverly reduces the amount of heat absorbed and decreases movement by 40% compared to a standard system, so it performs all year round. It means Freeflow guttering stays leak-free longer.

Freefoam products are manufactured with extra Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), the ingredient used in strong sunblocks. So as well as reflecting heat and accommodating movement, the Freeflow1 range is better protected against harmful UV rays making It more durable.