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Benefits of Installing Soffits in Cardiff

Soffits in CardiffWhen looking for a replacement to your current roofing system, you probably have a number of questions such as “why do I need a new roofing system” or “what benefits can I expect to receive from changing to a new roofing system?” If you have an older roofing arrangement then your roofing may be timber which is a risky material for roofing. In this article, we will address several questions that you may have regarding new roofing as well as why it is important to upgrade from timber to UPVC as a material for your roofing attachments. If you are looking for soffits in Cardiff or if you are looking for UPVC soffits in Cardiff then contact Capital UPVC today or call us on: 029 2047 2700.

Timber Roofing vs UPVC Roofing

Timber is not an ideal material for roofing due to the fact that it does not handle water damage well at all. Timber is susceptible to rotting if water soaks into the material and this can cause damage to your roofing area. Regular maintenance is required to ensure that timber is prevented from rotting and it can be difficult to regularly maintain the soffit area. Water absorption can also cause damage to the roofing of your housing as well as the roof joists and rafters which can cause costly damage to your home. The implementation of UPVC soffits can counteract this as UPVC cannot rot and requires very little maintenance. This results in a material that can resist elemental damage whilst requiring little maintenance to keep working. UPVC can also resist water pouring into outside walls which can cause damp and mould damage on the inside of your house. This material is very well suited to roofing requirements and is therefore the ideal material to replace timber.

Questions When Considering Roofing Upgrades

You may have a number of questions considering carrying out roofing upgrades. If you are wondering about the benefits of improving your roofing, we have already mentioned that UPVC is rot resistant and also will stop the possibility of mould and damp forming from leaks in the roofing system. UPVC is also customisable and many do not realise that there are many different colour schemes than the classic white aesthetic. This means that you can implement your UPVC soffits to match your current house design which can allow you to replace wood and still keep the aesthetic of your home. UPVC is also very energy efficient and is recyclable which is environmentally friendly. These products are the ideal replacement for your current roofing, especially if it is timber roofing and can protect your home as well as prevent costly structural damage from occurring due to environmental damage. There are many benefits so you should definitely consider upgrading your current roofing system, especially if your home currently uses timber roofing.

Why Are Soffits So Important?

In our August edition of our soffits blog, we look into why a soffit is such an important part of your roofing.

Cardiff SoffitsSoffits serve as both a visually appealing and functional section of your house’s roofing system. The soffit’s main purpose is to protect your rafters from being fully exposed so that it is protected by the elements. These areas are fully customisable, meaning that they can be designed to fit the style of your home. These soffits also protect your roofing from elemental damage and rotting. Any exposures of the beams underneath and mould will start to build up and you will have beams that you need to replace. Soffits can also offer ventilation which circulates air into the upper area of your home. Using a UPVC soffit allows for little maintenance of this area as we have discussed and this can be fully customised. Insects also like to inhabit the soffit area of your roofing as they are attracted to the moisture and they cannot eat through UPVC to get to your timber beams. These pesky critters will be able to get in through wood so UPVC is a great material to resist pests.  With guttering being so close to your soffit, it’s also very important to ensure that they are easily protected from the extended exposure to water and the elements. With the proper protection for your roof, you can potentially save yourself huge costs on the maintenance of your roof if it was to completely rot. Complete roof damage can cost a significant amount therefore it’s simply not worth the risk of not protecting your roofing with a soffit.

Full Roofline Protection & Replacement

We offer the highest quality UPVC soffits for your roofing. The high quality of our products means that you can be sure that your roofing is protected from the elements. Replacing your current soffit area if it is rotten is highly recommended and we can provide you with an extremely competitive quotation. Even if your soffit is in good order, if it is timber then it will rot overtime and will need replacement. Without careful maintenance of the timber, there is a risk of rotting occurring within the beams of your roof. Furthermore, UPVC is almost no maintenance as the material is resistant to the weather and water damage. It cannot rot and does not get eaten by insects. All you will need to do is rub down the material once in a while if it becomes grubby which is much more convenient than having to monitor the condition of timber as well as to treat it should it be eaten by pests or start to rot. It’s also fairly difficult to maintain aspects of your roofing area as it’s a hard to access area. UPVC looks after itself and requires you to only have to look after it once in a while. Should you be considering replacing your current soffit with a UPVC replacement then give our team a call now on: 029 2047 2700

Upgrading or Replacing Soffits for the New Year

Soffits South Wales

The December edition of our soffits article investigates upgrading or replacing your soffits ahead of the New Year.

One thing that you likely aren’t considering when sitting round the table for your Christmas feast is your roofline or soffits. A silent protecter whilst you are all at the table, your roof is very important for keeping the wet out and making sure that your property is protected against the elements. Although it may seem as if the weather may make it difficult for your soffits to be looked at or replaced but this makes it more important than ever to have your roofline repaired or replaced if you need this carried out. Your fascia is a highly important area of your roofline, protecting the roofline from extended exposure to water and the elements. As the fascia is a barrier in the roofline between the outside and edge of the roof, your fascia more often than not covers the entire structure of your roof. It’s clear that this area needs to be secure and well maintained otherwise you may suffer many issues with your roof such as exposure to the elements and water damage. Make sure that your roofline is safe from issues in the New Year! If you have any doubts about the condition of your fascia boards or other areas of your roofline. It can be highly costly to replace your roof or roofline system should something go wrong so it’s better to be safe than sorry and arrange for a replacement if you have any doubts!

UPVC Roofline Improvements for the New Year

We offer a wide range of products related to your roofline which we can help you install and enjoy the benefits of in the New Year. We have extensively discussed the benefits of our fascia boards and other areas of the roofline that can directly benefit your property and protect you in the New Year. It’s important to consider the benefits of UPVC as a material for your roofline in comparison to other historic materials. Vinyl or timber roofline systems fall short of UPVC due to the fact that you will have to ensure that stringent maintenance is maintained to keep your roof secure from the elements. The low maintenance of UPVC ensures that you have secure protection for your roofline all year round and that you won’t have to worry about environmental damage to your roof. If any of your roofline has been damaged or your roofline protection involves historic materials rather than UPVC then we highly recommend that you consider a replacement as soon as possible. UPVC is a versatile material offering a wide range of benefits and we have a variety of UPVC roofline products such as UPVC guttering, UPVC fascias and UPVC soffits. Treat your property for the New Year and make sure that you are prepared for the seasonal weather! If you do need any information on our roofline products or are looking to replace or upgrade your current soffits then enquire with Capital UPVC today!

Purchase Soffits for Your Home Today!

Soffit CardiffNew soffits can protect your roofing and replace older style materials to ensure that you are protected from environmental damage and the health risks posed by mould and damp. Choosing to implement these products is of huge benefit to your home and can give you the peace of mind that your roof is secure from environmental water damage. It’s important to consider a material that requires little maintenance as your roof is difficult to access and maintain and this is why UPVC is such a great roofing material. If you are considering purchasing new soffits for your home then Capital UPVC is the company for you. Our expert team are also more than happy to advise you on design options and talk you through the additional benefits of installing new soffits in your home. If you are looking for soffits in Cardiff or if you are looking for a soffits company in Cardiff then contact Capital UPVC today or call on: 029 2047 2700

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