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Composite Doors vs. UPVC Front Doors in Cardiff – Presented by Capital UPVC

UPVC Front Doors Cardiff

One of the most commonly asked questions when looking for a new front door is “UPVC or Composite?” Stocking both UPVC front doors and composite doors, Capital UPVC are well versed in the benefits of each material and where it may be appropriate to choose either door. Naturally, there will be different benefits for both material, however, both are highly secure, utilising our innovative security features. When choosing any new door, you need to think about what’s most important, style or security. Well, the doors that we have available at Capital UPVC combine both style and security to offer you a wonderful range of composite front doors and UPVC front doors in Cardiff. In this article, we will surmise the benefits of both materials as well as discuss why you may want to purchase a composite or UPVC front door from Capital UPVC. If you are looking for a UPVC front door in Cardiff or a UPVC door in Cardiff then enquire with Capital UPVC online now using a contact form on our website. You can also telephone our team directly on: 029 2047 2700.

Benefits of UPVC Front Doors

Composite doors and UPVC doors have similar benefits in style but differ in security benefits. When looking at the benefits of UPVC front doors, it’s important to compare them to a common alternative material – timber. Timber or wooden doors were typically used across many houses as this material appears to be rustic and natural. Wooden front doors with single glazed glass panels are a common design feature, especially on older buildings from certain time periods. Unfortunately, wood isn’t the most ideal material as it has structural weaknesses and requires heavy maintenance. Excessive force such as an axe or hammer will make short work of a wooden door which puts you at risk to intruders should they be fully committed to getting in. Wood also has a tendency to rot and will require a lot of maintenance to stop this from happening. Rotten wood snaps off and makes it even more of a risk should an intruder try to get in. Single glazed windows similarly will be weak to weapons. They are also less energy efficient than double or triple glazing alternatives. UPVC on the other hand requires little maintenance, can’t rot and axes and hammers will glance off the material until someone notices the break in and alerts the authorities.

Benefits of Composite Front Doors

Composite front doors are similar to UPVC front doors in that they require little to no maintenance and are much stronger than their timber counterparts. Composite doors really add to the security of your front door as they are highly resistant to a wide range of weapons that are used to break into properties. Similarly to UPVC front doors, composite doors can be matched to the style of your property to ensure that the period style of the building stays preserved. The difference is that you have a highly secure composite or UPVC front door instead of a weaker timber door that could be compromised. You also are able to install a new front door that has more secure glass and you can be sure that this glass is more energy efficient than a single glazed glass attachment. The fact that the glass is more energy efficient can also see a return on your investment over a long time frame as you save money on energy bills.

Install Your New UPVC Front Door in Cardiff Today

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Should you feel that you need a replacement for your current front door then you definitely should consider replacing your front door with a composite front door or UPVC front door. With the security and style benefits that come with replacing your door, it’s a great idea and investment to go ahead and get your front door replaced. You can also increase the value of your property by installing a UPVC front door as the door will make your home look more appealing and more secure. The front of your property is also the area that potential buyers may see so this can also help you in selling the property. If you are looking for a new UPVC front door in Cardiff or a UPVC front door near me in Cardiff then enquire with Capital UPVC today or telephone now on: 029 2047 2700.