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Our Window & Door Maintenance Team in Cardiff


Suffering from an issue related to your doors or windows can be frustrating at best and risk the safety and security of your property at worst. Although doors and windows in your property should be fully secure with their locking systems working correctly – sometimes something can go wrong which can inconvenience you or put your property at risk.


Our Maintenance Division are window and door repair experts – excelling in providing a first-class door and glazing service for our clients. We offer our services to our customers in Cardiff and beyond in South Wales. Our team of fully qualified professionals will always try and repair your windows or doors and will endeavour to find the most cost-effective solution. In this article – we will discuss common window and door issues and how you can contact our expert window & door maintenance team to help rectify your issues. If you are looking for door repairs in Cardiff or window repairs in Cardiff – enquire with Capital UPVC using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 029 2047 2700


What are Common Window Related Issues?


There are several common issues that may be affecting your windows. Should you be experiencing any of these issues – we highly recommend that you get in contact with our window repair experts. Some common issues include:


  • Windows not shutting correctly. 
  • Windows not locking correctly. 
  • Air coming into the window although it is locked or shut. 
  • Damaged window screens. 
  • Foggy or damaged window pains. 
  • Window has physical damage to the panels or exterior.


Although aesthetic damage affects the look of your home – damage to the security systems of your windows can put your family or home at risk of intruders. Thieves will look for abnormalities in areas of properties and are highly trained to highlight weak spots of homes. A fully repaired and functioning window will look much less attractive to opportunist thieves than a window that looks visibly damaged.


Our windows repair team are fully equipped to repair issues with your window glazing as well as panels and other areas of your window. They are also highly experienced in dealing with a range of issues which means they will more than likely have the knowledge to offer you a professional, first-class repair. We always try and repair issues however it’s important to bear in mind that some issues, unfortunately, may warrant the need for a replacement.


What Are Some Common Issues With Doors?


Your doors will see a lot of active use -, especially your front door and side doors. As they are constantly resisting the wear and tear of regular use – issues may arise such as difficulties in locking the door or physical damage to the door itself. Some common door related issues are as follows:


  • Door is slamming against a wall which is causing damage to either the door or wall or both. 
  • Door is not locking correctly which can leave your door unlocked. 
  • UPVC door is jamming or the locking mechanism isn’t activating correctly. 
  • UPVC door is getting stuck or jammed when opening or closing. 
  • Bi-Folding door is not operating correctly. 
  • Door panels or other exterior is damaged. 
  • Glazing is damaged in a windowed door. 


Our team of door repair specialists are able to repair numerous issues relating to your bi-folding doors, UPVC doors, composite or patio doors. Although doors are built with durability and security in mind – damage can happen with everyday use or an accident may occur in which a door becomes damaged. Although we will always try to repair your door – in some cases you may require a replacement. We will advise you on this and will always endeavour to find the most cost-effective solution.


If you have an issue relating to your windows or doors then get in touch with our door and maintenance specialists today. Enquire with Capital UPVC using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 029 2047 2700