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Increase The Security of Your Home With Home Improvement Products



It may not be apparent at first glance, but there are a wide range of home improvement products that are your first line of defence should an intruder target your home. From exterior doors to your front door and windows – these may be the first point they target so it’s highly important that you have secure windows and doors.


We have helped our clients make their homes more secure with our wide range of home improvement products. We understand that security of the home is of the utmost importance so this is why we have ensured that all of our products are built with security in mind. Our products such as our composite doors in Cardiff are built using innovative security systems and this demonstrates how important security systems are for home improvement products.


This article discusses the security of your home as well as the products that you will need to think about when looking at the security of your home.


External Doors May be at Risk of Attacks


External doors may be the area of attack for would-be intruders. This is because of the fact that these doors are not directly at the front of the property. Direct attempts to breach a front door may alert neighbors and this can make things difficult for intruders. This is why it’s important that external doors are highly secure. Triple glazing for example will be of much higher structural strength than single pane or single glazed doors or windows. Bi-folding doors are particularly effective as they have sophisticated locking systems that are designed to keep intruders out. Patio doors and other external door types so locking systems are important. However – there are other aspects of a door that could be targeted.


The Strength of Your Doors is Highly Important


Apart from the locking systems of your doors, their structural strength is also highly important. In smash and grab type situations, thieves will be looking to grab something very close and then leave quickly before anyone is alerted to their presence. This is why the structural strength of doors can be highly important if these types of break-ins are common or a concern to you. Composite doors are an example of external doors that are highly resistant to blows from weapons such as crowbars & axes. Composite as a material will not splinter or break under the pressure of blows which can further increase the security of your home.


Combining Security Products With Home Improvement Products


CCTV in Home


Home improvement products with security in mind as we have discussed have security systems in-built as standard. There are also accessories available with doors and windows that can increase security but you are also able to combine other security products to increase your security. If you are concerned specifically about your security, you can consider the following additional products:


  • CCTV systems can help to report crimes and you can put up signs that warn that you have a CCTV system installed.
  • Garages or driveways can be used to increase the security of vehicles as these may be exposed if they are outside of a property.
  • Security lighting can be used in combination with the above to further increase your security.


There are a number of products available on the security market and home improvement market that are designed to increase the security of your home. We take the security of our clients’ properties extremely seriously and we understand that security is often extremely important for homeowners. There are a number of home improvement products available that have home security in mind and we highly recommend that you consider one of these products if security is on your mind. Why not take a look at our other range of doors such as our beautiful aluminium doors in Cardiff?.