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Installing Glass Balustrades in Your Home


Glass Balustrades Cardiff

A glass balustrade is a perfect addition to your home, adding increased visibility compared to wood or iron balustrades but being highly safe for you and your family. We have selected glass balustrades due to the numerous advantages of glass as a material as well as the fact that your glass balustrades will look fantastic all year round!


Our glass balustrades are an amazing addition to your garden, allowing you to connect various areas of your garden space with wonderful yet modern glass areas. Impress guests with safe and highly durable balustrades that are 100% safe for children & pets whilst they are playing in the garden!


At Capital UPVC – we are proud to offer a wide range of glass balustrades for your property. Combining the advantages that glass has to offer with your brand new balustrades makes for the perfect addition to your property. In this article, we discuss everything glass balustrade related and talk about why you should consider purchasing glass balustrades for your home. If you are looking for glass balustrades in Cardiff – enquire with Capital UPVC using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 029 2047 2700


What is a Glass Balustrade?


Glass balustrades are sturdy balustrades that are perfectly suited to a wide variety of homes. They are also used in many buildings and are used to support balconies and staircases. You may see them in public or private buildings to increase security and safety but you can also enjoy glass balustrades in your property!


Glass has become a highly popular material for balustrades in recent years because of the countless benefits that are offered by the material. Glass is becoming the more popular material for security and safety reasons as well as aesthetic ones. But what are the additional benefits of choosing glass for your balustrades?


  1. Glass is Easy to Clean and Very Low-Maintenance


One of the best things about your glass balustrades is that they are very simple to clean. There are a variety of glass cleaning products that are great at keeping glass nice and shiny. All you need is a good quality linen cloth and a chosen glass cleaning product and cleaning your glass balustrades is simple. Polishing scratches or damage is also possible with glass whereas other materials such as timber or metal will bear the scars of wear and tear or damage.


  1. Built With Durability & Stability in Mind


Your glass balustrades are a fantastic investment because of the fact that they will last for many years. Although many may think that glass is brittle or easily shattered – glass balustrades are constructed with strength in mind. Glass is a more durable and strong material compared to other materials such as timber which weaken over time due to the fact that they are damaged by wear and tear as well as attacks from insects that eat wood from the inside. This ensures that your glass balustrades remain secure all year round and won’t break over time. 


  1. Add an Elegant & Modern Sophistication to Your Property


Glass is highly popular not only because of the numerous benefits that it provides, but it also is beneficial due to the fact that you can enjoy a timeless yet elegant modern look in your home. Adding modern features to your property also makes your property more attractive to potential buyers in the long run – as they will be drawn to these glass features and interested in the value that they add to homes. People invest in property but not just in terms of capital gain, they also invest in their future and visualising how they will enjoy their new space. This also puts money potentially back into your pocket when it’s time to sell your property which makes your new glass balustrades the perfect and ideal investment in the short and long term.


  1. Integrate Your Glass Balustrades Seamlessly With Other Features of Your Home


Your glass balustrades also integrate perfectly with other features of your home. If you don’t want to use solely glass, you can integrate other materials such as wood or metal to other areas of your staircase. You can even use stone for areas such as handrails or bannisters which can help you make a truly unique space. Adding a touch of sophistication to your home along with other modern features is the perfect way to create a home that you will love for years to come. Your garden area will look fantastic all year round and you won’t have to worry about maintaining your balustrades in the outdoors.

Safe for You & Your Family


As mentioned, although some may think that glass is unsafe for use as it may shatter compared to other materials – your glass balustrades are highly safe and secure. Tempered glass and industrial glass is actually more resistant to damage than other materials which will prevent the glass shattering and causing shards of glass to spray around the impact point. It’s very rare for glass balustrades to break as it takes extreme pressure to cause breakage. Should in the unlikely event that your glass balustrade shatter – the shards will not be sharp which protects children and pets from a break if one does occur.

Play With the Sense of Space in Your Home


Glass balustrades also offer the illusion of increased space in your garden – especially when combined with other glass products. The open appearance of glass leads to an appearance of increased space in your garden which is perfect for impressing guests and making modern displays around your garden. The illusion or appearance of extra space that is provided by glass creates an open and fresher viewing experience.


Are Glass Balustrades a Good Fit For My Home?


Our range of glass balustrades are a perfect addition for your home if you are looking for balustrades that are safe, durable and last the test of time. They are a wonderful choice for any building and can easily integrate into your current home. Your balustrades are perfect to make fantastic walkways for your garden spaces. These balustrades are also very safe and low maintenance when installed in the outdoors so you can also enjoy your outdoor balustrades, all year round.


Find Out More About Our Range of Glass Balustrades in Cardiff Today!

Garden Glass Balustrades Cardiff

If you are interested in the benefits of glass balustrades then why not find out more about our range today? Our range of glass balustrades are the perfect fit for your property. A classic feature of modern architecture – you have likely seen glass balustrades in other homes or in public/private buildings. As the sleek and modern design of the glass is becoming more and more popular in homes and other buildings alike – you have likely considered installing glass products in your property.


We have an extensive range of glass balustrades in our product range – we will ensure that you can install the perfect glass balustrades for you. Our stunning Glass Balustrades offer better views than a traditional wooden or iron balustrade and complement any garden. To find out more about our wonderful range of garden glass balustrades in Cardiff, enquire with Capital UPVC using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 029 2047 2700