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Going Green in 2020

Green home concept

Going green is becoming more and more important across many things that we do – from how businesses operate, how we use vehicles and consider what vehicles to use in the future as well as making personal changes to reduce personal environmental impact. Environmental responsibility has always been at the front of our minds and this is reflected in the energy efficiency ratings of our products.


Here at Capital UPVC – we are proud to announce that in 2020, Capital UPVC has pledged to become the greenest Home Improvement Company in South Wales. The products we use are the market leaders in energy efficiency. We aim to make your home warmer AND reduce your energy bills. We’ll also help you reduce your CO₂ emissions by consuming less energy to heat your home. All materials from old projects are recycled as efficiently as possible.


In this article – we discuss various ways and tips that you can adopt to help make your home greener in 2020. If you find any of these tips useful or have new tips to add then let us know today!


Importance of Going Green


As discussed – environmental impact and the environment is becoming more and more important. You have likely not been able to read the news without seeing some form of commentary or article discussing the environment or protecting the planet. Although it may seem that making personal changes does not have much impact – a group effort and many people making active changes to reduce their environmental impact will have a huge effect in the coming years.


One of the simplest changes to make that you can adopt today or in the next few months are at home. Your home probably uses a sizable amount of energy and may generate a fair amount of waste throughout the year which means that making changes to cut energy use and reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste that is produced are changes that you can adopt today or in the near future. We have compiled several tips that you can adopt today to reduce waste and increase your personal environmental impact.


Cutting Out Plastic Use Wherever Possible


Plastic use is one of the big ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact. It’s very hard to escape using plastic – it’s everywhere! Unfortunately – when plastic was invented and scaled into large scale production and use – little research was carried out on how the material would decompose and how the material may be recycled in the future. This has resulted in a real plastic problem with landfill sites and our oceans are suffering as a result.


Reducing plastic waste can be carried out in a number of ways. Firstly – why not consider using reusable containers rather than plastic containers at the takeaway? Some takeaways will allow you to provide your own containers which you can reuse after you have eaten your favourite meal. Plastic is hard to avoid in the supermarket and this was why the plastic bag charge was initially introduced. Bringing a bag for life or your own containers for fruit and veg is another way in which you can cut down on your commercial plastic use.


There are some things that you may not even realise contain plastic and this is again why it’s important to think about the way in which plastic is used in your home. Tea-bags are one of the most quoted offenders for items that you may not even realise contain plastic. You can also consider using different soaps and tooth-pastes – as these often come in plastic wrapping or containers. These simple changes can reduce the amount of plastic that you use and even put money back into your pocket!


Upgrading Your Home to Be More Energy Efficient


Installing additions to your home with the aim to reduce energy bills and costs is a great long term investment. Not only does improving energy efficiency help reduce your environmental impact – it also puts money back in your pocket as you save money on energy bills every year – returning your investment over an extended period of time. As we touched upon – The products we use are the market leaders in energy efficiency. This ensures that any product that you choose from Capital UPVC offer superior energy efficiency. We aim to make your home warmer AND reduce your energy bills. We’ll also help you reduce your CO₂ emissions by consuming less energy to heat your home.


We also ensure that all excess materials are recycled wherever possible. This is extremely important in building and construction projects as the investment in energy-efficient home improvement should be respected in the recycling process. This ensures that your choice to install energy-efficient products in your home is also carried out during an installation process that is as green as possible!


Product Showcase – Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors


Our aluminium bi-folding doors are designed to conserve warmth and energy which is perfectly suited to save you money on energy bills – all year round. Alitherm windows and doors utilise the thermally broken aluminium frame with a polyamide bridge. The use of polyamide as a material ensures that a high heat resistance to heat transfer is present in these windows and doors. This gives Alitherm windows and doors many distinct advantages compared to other windows and doors on the market.


Our Alitherm Aluminium Bi-Folding doors are just one product of many that we have available in our range of home improvement products that are designed with energy efficiency in mind. These doors are also extremely durable – and have been designed with elegant thin sightlines.


Product Showcase – Aluminium Skylights


Our revolutionary aluminium skylights are stronger than most skylights on the market which means that fewer bars are used – giving you more natural light into your home. The glass is locked in for maximum security and is fitted with Self Cleaning Glass. The outer pane of glass is bonded with a self-clean coating to prevent the build up of dirt. The Self Coated Low Energy Glass reflects the external heat from the sun during hot days but also reflects heat produced by your heating system back into the room – keeping heat in during the winter months. 


Continuing Our Green Pledge – Our Mission in 2020

Energy Efficient Home Concept

We are extremely proud of our pledge to become Cardiff’s Greenest Home Improvement Company in 2020. We are also very excited to help our clients become more energy efficient – whether this is in their homes or during everyday life. Find out more about our exciting range of energy-efficient home improvement products today or find out how you can make your home green in 2020 with Capital UPVC!