Decorative Cladding

  • Fantastic Alternative to Tiling
  • Long Lasting & Low Maintenance
  • Various Selections Available
  • Fabulous Finance Options
Exterior Decorative Cladding Panels Cardiff

Our Decorative Cladding in Cardiff

When looking for tiling alternatives to tiling for your bathroom and kitchen, plastic cladding is one consideration you should make.

Decorative bath & kitchen cladding will offer you some great services in your home. Capital UPVC is one company you can turn to for decorative cladding in Cardiff. With various selections available, homeowners don’t have limitations when it comes to plastic cladding.

If you are wondering why to get cladding instead of traditional walls for your bathroom or kitchen, there are several motivations to look at. We are Cardiff’s Greenest Home Improvement Company and have helped our clients with home improvement in Cardiff for many years. Get in touch today to find out more.

Utilising Decorative Bathroom Cladding

Plastic cladding is perfectly suited for bathroom projects. Due to the fact that plastic cladding is waterproofed – it is the perfect product for use in bathroom projects. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of having tiling and gravel installed in the floor then decorative bathroom cladding is perfect to avoid the fuss and higher installation costs. Tiling also may rise above the current floor-line which means that your bath or toilet needs to be uplifted and re-fitted – increasing the cost of the project.

Cladding is essential in bathroom projects and can be tailored to your requirements. It’s also a product that is easy to install should you be looking to carry out a DIY project or our specialists can help with your installation. Our highly affordable decorative bathroom cladding is ideally suited for your needs and is perfectly suited for your bathroom project.

Utilising Decorative Kitchen Cladding for Your Kitchen Project

Our decorative cladding is extremely durable – and can resist wear and tear. This ensures that if any accidents or incidents occur – your cladding can resist damage that tiling simply cannot. Hygienic cladding is also available should you be looking to increase the safety of your kitchen. With the various bacteria that can splash on your splashback or spread around the kitchen – hygienic cladding can be utilised to keep you and your family safe from nasty bacteria.

Many homeowners are scared to consider a kitchen redesign project as the thought instantly goes to high costs for anything kitchen related. Decorative cladding is perfect for those who are looking to remodel their kitchen on a budget. There are a couple of simple and very cost-effective products and tactics that you can use to update your kitchen without the huge price tag – from using our decorative cladding to painting your cabinets or changing the handles in your kitchen.

Specialists In The Trade

At Capital UPVC, we are window specialists – installing many different types of fantastic windows for our clients. Our decorative cladding is no exception, offering a stunning addition to your property.

No Maintenance – No Hassle

Our decorative cladding does not require maintenance and is very simple and easy to clean. Once installed – little to maintenance is required whatsoever. This is great when comparing our decorative cladding to timber or other materials as this can become difficult to maintain – especially if the material becomes damaged by water or wear and tear. As our cladding is highly durable – this will ensure that you won’t need to replace your cladding in the future.

To clean your decorative cladding, simply purchase specialised cleaning products or you can even use washing up liquid and water. Our cladding is perfectly suited for landlords and resident home-owners alike as it’s simple to clean and won’t get damaged or neglected due to lack of maintenance.

If you are looking for low maintenance cladding that looks fantastic – our cladding is perfect for you. We can provide a cladding solution that fits your requirements and matches your bathroom or kitchen to the letter.

You can get in touch with a member of our cladding experts by using an online contact form on our website or telephone our team directly now.

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