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Choosing Your New Composite Door Discussed by Capital UPVC

Composite Front Door Cardiff

For homeowners, arguably the most important features of their home are the style and security of the property. It’s understandable that homeowners want the highest quality features in their home reflecting their own sense of style as well as being highly secure. Your front door is no exception, with this centerpiece of the front of your property needing to be highly stylish as well as secure against intruders. Capital UPVC has the answer with our range of fantastic composite doors and elite composite doors. Offering a luxurious range of styles with optimal security features, it’s no wonder that our range of composite doors is so popular with our customers. In this article, we will discuss why you may want to replace your current front door as well as why our range of composite doors in Cardiff is ideally suited to your requirements. If you are looking for a composite front door in Cardiff or a composite door supplier in Cardiff then enquire with Capital UPVC today or telephone our team directly now on: 029 2047 2700.

Why Do I Need to Change My Current Front Door?

If you’re asking yourself “why do I need to replace my current front door?” Then you may not know the benefits of making an upgrade. Your door may weaken over time or be a less reliable door material than composite. A typical example of this material is timber as timber is weaker than composite and can be damaged by rot, mould and the environment. Pests also enjoy feeding on timber whereas they cannot eat the composite material. Over time, if your door weakens then it is easier to break into. A strong modern composite door acts as a deterrent to would-be intruders as it would be very difficult for them to break down the door. They’d likely need an axe or specialist tools to penetrate the door and even with these tools it would no no easy feat. Timber on the other hand will be no match for an axe, sledgehammer or other tool that intruders may use to try and break in. If your door looks as if it needs an upgrade then it’s definitely time to think about purchasing a composite door for your property.

Purchasing a Composite Door With Capital UPVC

Our composite doors comply and promote our ‘Truly Friendly’ promise as we are firm advocates for staying green. The process in which we make our composite doors works in full compliance of regulations and we 100% recycle the following products: PVC & timber offcuts, mixed scrap metal, cardboard, ink cartridges, polythene, cardboard and sawdust. We are firm advocates for staying green and this is reflected in the way that we create our composite doors. Our marvellous range of composite doors are designed to match your property whilst offering a front door that offers the utmost security. Many homeowners prioritise the safety of their home over other factors and we understand that this is an important consideration when choosing your new door. All of our composite doors are fitted with a comprehensive and secure security system as standard, being completed with the specifically designed dog bolt system which secures your new composite door to the door frame for added security. The fact that these doors are highly secure ensures that you are able to feel safe from intruders whilst ensuring that you have purchased a new front door that is of the highest quality. Our doors are not only highly durable, they are strong and stable to make sure that they are resistant to intruders.

Purchase Your New Composite Doors Today

Composite Door Suppliers Cardiff

Purchasing your new composite door is simple with Capital UPVC. We have a wide range of composite doors and elite composite doors to enhance your home. Check out our elite composite doors supplied by both Solider and Palladio. One of the finest composite doors on the market, this range of doors is of the utmost security and style. Replacing your current door in favour of a composite or elite composite door not only adds style and security to your property, it can also increase the overall value of your property! The possibilities are endless and with Capital UPVC installing your new composite door, you can be sure that we will install your door to schedule and effectively. We also have finance options available to help you finance the installation of your brand new composite door. If you are looking to install a new composite door in Cardiff or want to find out more about composite doors, enquire with Capital UPVC today or telephone our team now on: 029 2047 2700.