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Composite Decking – The Perfect Choice for Your Garden



Composite decking is a great product to consider installing in your garden or outside space. Although you may have heard about composite decking – you may have some questions around what this product is and what to expect when choosing to install composite decking. Our team have installed composite decking in Cardiff for many of our clients and have allowed them to enjoy the amazing benefits that can be provided by these decking products.


In this article – we explore and answer all of your questions around composite decking. Whether these questions are about how you can benefit from composite decking or how this decking differs from other materials – we have the answers for you. So read on to find out more about composite decking as well as how you can benefit from installing composite decking in your garden or outside spaces.


What is Composite Decking?


The first question that you may be asking is, “what is composite decking?” Composite decking has massively risen in popularity over the last few years – especially in comparison to timber decking for a number of reasons. Composite decking is a man-made product which consists of composite materials – a combination of materials including wood fibres, plastics which are then bonded with bonding agents. The result is a highly durable material that mimics the look of timber without the need for extensive maintenance of the material. The resulting material looks more realistic than other plastic based products – making it perfect when adding to your garden or outdoor space.


How Durable is Composite Decking?


Composite decking is highly durable due to the fact that the bonding process makes composite extremely strong. Not only is composite decking durable – it also resists the elements and other environmental damage. This ensures that your composite decking looks fantastic all year round – allowing you to enjoy your garden space.


Because of the fact that composite decking is so durable – you are able to use this decking for a wide range of different applications. Some of these applications include:


  • Building walkways around your garden or outdoor spaces.
  • Decking for water features or other areas such as swimming pools.
  • Boxes for plants or other features where composite decking can be used as the primary boxing material.
  • Some even utilise composite decking as cladding for outhouses or other areas of their property.


How Does Composite Decking Line up to Timber Decking?


The more traditional material that was used historically for decking was timber. This is because of the fact that timber decking looks fantastic but this comes at a cost. Timber requires regular maintenance – especially in the Autumn and Winter months. In the Summer – maintenance is required to prevent pests from damaging the decking and sun damage is also a risk. Timber is durable however environmental damage can threaten the integrity of the material. This is not the case with composite decking – as composite as a material is highly resistant to environmental damage as well as damage from the elements.


Composite decking is also environmentally friendly – being responsibly sourced from recycled materials. This is a more sustainable option compared to timber and is more environmentally friendly as a result. Composite decking is a fantastic alternative to timber decking – requiring little to no maintenance. To clean and maintain your composite decking when you may need to give it a scrub – apply composite cleaning solution and simply wipe with a cloth and your composite decking will be as good as new!


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