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The Wonders of Artificial Grass


Artificial Grass Cardiff


Artificial grass is the perfect solution for those who are looking for an alternative to natural grass. Natural grass can be a pain for many homeowners – requiring frequent maintenance, constant attention and a vital resource – water. Artificial grass is the perfect way to create a grassy area in your garden area or during a landscaping project without the annoyance of having to maintain the artificial grass.

Did you know that we are committed to being South Wales’ greenest home improvement company? Artificial grass fits perfectly into our portfolio of green products – having a number of environmental benefits compared to regular, natural grass. If you want to find out more about the artificial grass that we have available then get in touch with our expert team today. Use an online contact form to get in touch or telephone our team now.

Our Artificial Grass is Environmentally Friendly

As discussed – environmental responsibility is a key issue for us and our artificial grass is no exception. The use of artificial grass is ideal due to the fact that you do not need to use pesticides to maintain the grassy area. Artificial grass mimics the appeal and look of grass and resists pests so you won’t need to use chemicals to maintain the turf area. It is also safe for pets and children so you won’t have to worry about playtime on the turf area. Weeds also are not able to grow in the artificial grass as well as other plants – so your artificial grass is virtually maintenance-free!

Create Fantastic Green Areas

Those who have planted grass seeds or have bad soil will know – it can be very difficult to quickly grow grass and grass may not even be possible to grow in some properties. This makes grass impossible to grow quickly for some projects which means that an alternative needs to be used to create green areas quickly. Artificial grass is the perfect solution, allowing for the fast installation of amazing green spaces without having to wait for the growth of grass.

Landscapers often utilise artificial grass as it’s perfectly suited for landscaping projects. While aspects of the landscaping project such as plants and trees are added – artificial grass can also be added whilst these aspects of the project are being planted which allows for the quick installation of green spaces during a landscaping project.

Save Resources Such as Water

In extreme temperatures – grass can become scorched or barren. For lawns that are often exposed to the harsh damage from the sun – these lawns will often require a vast amount of water to revitalise and keep the lawn in good condition. Water usage is another environmental impact that is a big problem especially during droughts and during the summer months. In times in which water usage needs to be reduced – artificial grass is perfect as no water is required for the turf so you can save on the use of water or conserve water for other areas of the garden.

Restrictions are often put upon water usage which means that you won’t be able to use extensive amounts of water for your lawn. You can actually save around 55 gallons of water per square foot each year which is particularly good for the environment!

Hassle-Free Garden Maintenence With No Allergies

Hayfever and other allergies are a severe annoyance for many homeowners when trying to carry out garden maintenance – especially in the summer months. When pollen counts are high, this combined with grass can be a nightmare for homeowners who are trying to carry out some maintenance or gardening.

Artificial grass does not trigger allergies and means that you can carry out your gardening in peace. Whether you are severely affected by hayfever or other allergies or family members suffer from allergies then artificial grass is a great solution.

Great for Playtime

Children and pets absolutely love green spaces with grass being the perfect place for outdoor playtime. However – extensive play can damage the lawn area – making a patchy lawn as well as rugged. If you have a pet then they will also love green spaces but if your dog decides to do its business on your lawn – this can mean big trouble for natural grass.

Artificial grass is perfectly suited for pets and children – this type of grass is safe and will not be affected by pets. This helps again with the maintenance of your grass area and gives you the peace of mind that your loved ones are safe when playing in the garden.

Enjoy Your Grass – Whatever the Weather

Another issue that homeowners may face is a lack of sunshine directly on their lawn. This can directly affect the growth of grass which can make it a nightmare to create a wonderful lawn space or garden area. Although this is the opposite problem to too much sun – this can still be an extremely difficult and frustrating issue. Artificial grass stays perfect all year round – rain or shine! Our artificial grass is also designed to be highly versatile – which ensures that your artificial grass maintains its exceptional quality whatever the weather.

Put the Mower in the Shed Forever!

One of the banes of having to maintain a garden space is getting out the mower. Those that do not have a manual mower are likely using an electric or petrol mower. Switching to an artificial grass alternative ensures that you can put the mower away forever and you are helping the environment by not using petrol or electricity.

This can free up much-needed storage space in your garage or shed and ensures that you can save money on equipment that you may need to maintain a natural lawn. This is ideally suited for those who don’t want to bother with the difficult task of maintaining a natural lawn.

Artificial Grass With Capital UPVC



Artificial grass is perfect all year round and there’s no time like the present to consider installing artificial grass in your home when our installers are able to visit your home again.
Capital UPVC supplies and installs the most true-to-life artificial grass available in the UK. Our high-quality artificial grass has a fabulous visual appearance of a real lawn but without the upkeep. It’s suitable for landscaping, gardens, and terraces.

We offer a variety of pile depth based on your individual requirements. It’s easy to install and safe for children and pets. It’s built to last and comes with a 10-year guarantee as standard.

To find out more about our artificial grass or to find out more about the other green products that we have available – get in touch with our team today. Use an online contact form on our website or telephone now.