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Artificial Grass for Landscaping Projects

Artificial Grass Landscaping

Artificial grass is the perfect product for landscaping projects – whether you are a landscaping professional or a homeowner that is looking for an awesome alternative to natural grass. Our range of artificial grass is perfectly suited for gardens due to the fact that there is no maintenance required and it’s easy to revitalise baron gardens or green spaces. We have developed our artificial grass to perfectly suit gardens and landscaping projects alike.


If you are looking for more information on artificial grass that is not included in our blog posts or if you want to find out more about purchasing artificial grass in Cardiff – get in touch with our expert team today. You can get in touch by using an online contact form on our website or by telephoning now. So read on to find out more about why artificial grass is such a great choice for landscaping projects.


Revitalise Damaged Areas & Lawns


It can be extremely frustrating for homeowners and a big problem that can be overcome for landscapers when land or lawn is baron and will not promote the growth of grass. In some cases – it may be that the soil is not appropriate for the growth of grass. In most other cases – there isn’t sufficient water or sun coverage which makes it extremely difficult for grass to grow without extreme attention and maintenance. Homeowners with lawns or perhaps people as children will remember or will have experienced the somewhat boring chore of mowing the lawn. This may also drive homeowners to not even want grass in the first place.


Artificial grass is a very fast and excellent solution in which you can easily install green areas in a landscaping project or in your garden. If soil is damaged, baron or is unable to support grass – artificial grass is an extremely quick and maintenance-free solution that can be installed in a matter of hours. Even if it is possible to grow natural grass – it can take weeks, even months for the grass to grow correctly which is not ideal for landscaping projects.


Artificial Grass is Perfect for Landscaping Projects


Landscaping projects can highly benefit from the quick installation process of artificial grass. With temporary projects such as the projects featured landscaping competitions – you will more than likely see artificial turf being used for these kinds of projects. This is because of the fact that artificial grass can be easily installed and looks extremely pretty in the overall design of the project. This is why landscapers and homeowners alike love our artificial grass products. We have also designed our products with the environment in mind and you won’t need to use any harmful chemicals like pesticides to keep pests away from the artificial turf as they simply won’t be interested in nesting in the turf. For any landscapers that are looking for an excellent product for clients which can be quickly installed – artificial grass is the product for you.


Artificial Grass is Safe and Better for The Environment


As mentioned, you won’t need any pesticides for artificial grass so this is why it’s a great choice for homeowners. Our artificial grass is also built with renewable materials and is completely safe for all of the family. Our artificial grass is also pet friendly which allows your cat or dog or other pets to sit on the grass with no issues. You also won’t need to use a mower which ensures that you don’t need to use petrol or electricity (if you haven’t been using a manual mower.) This also makes our artificial grass popular for landscaping projects as these are benefits that the client can enjoy in their own homes.


As there is no mowing required for artificial grass or artificial turf – this saves a lot of time and effort that is usually invested on maintaining a lawn. This is yet another reason why artificial grass is the perfect solution as an alternative to a regular lawn.


One of the huge factors that is sometimes ignored or overlooked is how much water is needed to be used when growing grass. Grass requires a lot of water during the growth stage which means that a lot of water can be saved when using artificial grass. In seasons where water use is restricted – artificial grass is ideal. The simple installation process of artificial grass means that the grass can be installed on the day or to the specific requirements of the project.


Our Pledge to The Environment


Environmentally Friendly Artificial Grass

We are proud of our green credentials and our pledge to become Wales’ most environmentally friendly home improvement company and this is reflected in our wide range of products. Our artificial grass is no exception – being constructed out of recycled materials and can help homeowners or the end client in reducing water usage – removing the need for pesticides and other harmful materials and still enjoying all of the benefits of a lawn that lasts all year round.


The environment and environmental responsibility is of the utmost importance to us – and this is why we supply and continue to aid in the development of environmentally friendly products. We are extremely happy that many homeowners and landscapers alike are looking for more environmentally conscious products and this is why we continue to develop these products for our clients. As well as our artificial grass, we have a wide range of other products available that are designed with energy efficiency in mind. With products such as glazing, windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries – we can help install energy-efficient and environmentally conscious products for our clients.


If you are looking for more information on artificial grass that is not included in our blog posts or if you want to find out more about purchasing artificial grass in Cardiff – get in touch with our expert team today. We are more than happy to discuss all of your requirements – whether you are looking to install artificial grass in your home or within a landscaping project.


You can get in touch by using an online contact form on our website or by telephoning now.