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Find Out More About Our Artificial Grass in Cardiff

Artificial Grass Cardiff

Should you be interested in our artificial turf in Cardiff or want to install artificial grass then check out our fantastic new range. At Capital UPVC, we are proud to present our high-quality range of artificial grass and artificial turf that is perfect for your landscaping or domestic project. Whether you are a homeowner of a new build property that requires revitalisation with green grass or you want to create a fancy landscaping area in your garden – artificial grass is perfect for you. A product that deters pests and is simple to clean, your brand new artificial grass is a fantastic addition to any home. If you are interested in finding out more about our artificial grass range or want to arrange for the installation of artificial grass in your property then enquire with Capital UPVC using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 029 2047 2700


Our Fantastic Range of Artificial Grass


We are proud to launch our brand new range of artificial grass! When you are considering turf or the ideal type of grass for your property, you have a number of choices such as natural grass or artificial grass. Artificial grass has a number of benefits compared to natural grass which ensures that you can enjoy your artificial grass without having the hassle and maintenance that comes along with natural grass. 


Whether you are looking to implement new grassy areas in your property or if you have purchased a property and want to install new grass quickly then artificial grass is perfect for you. In this blog, we discuss why you may want to consider artificial grass in your property and why you should choose Capital UPVC to install your artificial grass in Cardiff. If you require further information on artificial grass or how you can use artificial grass to enhance your garden area – get in touch using an online contact form on our website or telephone our team now on: 029 2047 2700


What is Artificial Grass?


Artificial grass or artificial turf is a synthetic substitute to natural grass which was developed in the 1950s-1960s. This type of grass was developed as a viable and handy alternative to natural grass. As there are some areas where natural grass may not be able to grow quickly or grow at all, artificial grass is a cost effective alternative which allows you to install grassy areas quickly and effectively in a property or landscaping project. This makes artificial grass the perfect product for those who are looking to find an ideal or fast replacement for natural grass for their landscaping project or for their home.


What are the Benefits of Artificial Grass?


In quick summary, the main benefits of artificial grass are as follows:


  1. Artificial grass requires little to no maintenance compared to natural grass.
  2. You will not have to cut artificial grass.
  3. Artificial grass requires no pesticides which is better for the environment as it is naturally resistant to pests.
  4. Safe for children and pets.
  5. Artificial grass never needs watering which saves on water costs and is better for the environment.
  6. Your artificial grass will look fantastic all year round due to its high durability.
  7. You will never have to deal with weeds again.


What are Some Great Artificial Grass Landscaping Ideas?


Artificial grass is perfect for a variety of landscaping projects. This is because of the fact that the turf can be setup quickly and can be used to highlight the beauty of other areas of your landscaping project or area. You can even combine small areas of natural grass or aggregates along with your artificial grass to combine both aesthetics. Some great landscaping ideas that can incorporate artificial grass are as follows:


  • Flower areas around your garden.
  • Paths leading to features such as ponds or pools.
  • Circular focal points with a tree planted in the middle.
  • Simple enhancement of a small outdoor area or back garden space.
  • A sports area in your garden.
  • Advanced landscaping projects for clients.


Can I Use Artificial Grass for New Build Properties?


One of the more popular applications of artificial grass is for new build properties. This is because of the fact that due to extensive groundworks or other excavations / construction that has been carried out – the area where grass would naturally grown may become damaged. This can stunt or even hinder the growth of natural grass altogether – which means that you will require artificial grass as an alternative to natural grass.


It may take a while for natural grass to grow when there has been extensive footfall by workers or tradesmen so artificial grass is again a great solution should you be suffering from this in your new build property. The lack of maintenance that is required is also fantastic for new builds as you are able to quickly install your artificial grass and don’t have to worry about extensive upkeep of your grass areas.


Artificial Grass is Great for Any Home!

Artificial grass or turf isn’t just fantastic for new build properties – one of the best things about this product is that it can be used in any home with an outdoor space or designated area in which you want to install grass without the hassle of having to deal with or maintain natural grass. You are also not limited to using artificial grass exclusively, you can combine artificial grass with natural grass and other garden features to create the perfect garden space.


There’s also a great deal of uses for your artificial grass, whether you are looking to enjoy your lovely lawn or whether your kids see your garden as the Millenium Stadium, there’s fun for all the family. Your artificial grass is soft on the paws of your beloved pets and it’s easy to clean your artificial grass.


How Do I Clean My Artificial Grass?


As mentioned, cleaning your artificial grass is simple. All you need to do is brush away dirt and other mess such as leaves with a broom or plastic rake to keep your artificial turf clean. It is important however to remember that heavy / sharp poles or pointy objects can damage your artificial turf so move heavy objects frequently to stop them from damaging the artificial grass. Keep away hot objects such as barbeques from your artificial grass wherever possible due to the fact that these can cause permanent damage to your artificial grass. If your pets have any accidents on the artificial turf, simply wait until the waste becomes hardened then remove and disinfect the affected area.


Further Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips

Artificial Turf Cardiff

Apart from our main advice on cleaning artificial grass, there are other handy tips on maintaining grass once you have opted to install our artificial grass. Ensure that maximum efforts are taken to prevent damage to your artificial grass such as dogs attempting to dig or children picking away blades of artificial grass. Your dog shouldn’t want to dig but if they do attempt to dig, they can damage the underlay. Cutting back trees and hedges is a good way to reduce the falling of leaves and other debris which reduces the need for maintenance yet further. If you do ever need to clean your artificial grass, specific products are available for tougher stains with fairy liquid or soapy water being perfect for basic cleaning.


If you’re looking to purchase artificial grass in Cardiff, get in contact with our team today! Enquire with Capital UPVC using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 029 2047 2700

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