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Acoustic Laminated Windows in Cardiff Discussed by Capital UPVC

Acoustic Laminated Windows Cardiff

Noise disturbances can be highly irritating and disruptive, especially if you are trying to get a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s traffic from outside, noisy revellers late at night, airplanes or animals – these issues are likely to get worse over time. It’s been suggested that traffic noise especially is only going to get worse so it’s no surprise that many individuals are opting to install glass in their properties that offers greater noise insulation than more traditional glass windows.

If you are suffering constantly from noise disturbances then have you heard of acoustic laminated windows? The innovative technology within this window system achieves greater noise insulation and is a fantastic solution for those who are struggling with the troubles of noise disturbances. Capital UPVC is proud to announce the launch of our Acoustic Laminated Windows which can help you by reducing noise significantly from the outside. In this article, we will discuss how our Acoustic Laminated Windows reduce noise, how you can benefit from these windows and how you can have these windows installed with Capital UPVC. If you are looking for acoustic laminated windows in Cardiff then enquire with Capital UPVC using an online contact form on our website or telephone our friendly team of experts directly now on: 029 2047 2700.

Features of the Acoustic Laminated Window System

Acoustic glass includes 2 or more sheets of glass which are bonded together with one or more acoustic interlayers. These dampen the noise and this weakens the sound as it travels through the glass. Not only does the acoustic laminated window operate in this way, it also reflects noise back towards the source as well as absorbing noise within the glass. Sound insulation can be increased even further by thickening the glass which increases the ability for the window to absorb noise. This is especially effective in areas where there is a huge amount of noise pollution such as if you live near a motorway, busy road or airport.

Common disturbance sounds in decibels are listed below:

  • 90 dB – Trains
  • 90 dB – Lawn Mower
  • 90 dB – Talking
  • 100 dB – Factory Noises
  • 110 dB – Car Beeping a Horn
  • 120 dB – Ambulance Siren
  • 120 dB – Loud Rock Concert
  • 120 db – 140 dB – Jet Plane Engine

As you can see, a lot of the general sound disturbances caused by traffic or neighbours can be very loud and disruptive. If you are suffering from noise disturbances from these sources then it’s highly recommended that you consider acoustic laminated windows.

Safety & Security of Acoustic Laminated Windows

The security and safety features of acoustic laminated windows are the same as laminated windows. Due to the fact that laminated windows have been specially treated, they offer the ultimate solutions in safety and security for your home. The interlayer of laminated windows serves to keep shards of glass in place should the window shatter. Thicker glass will also increase the security of your windows as it makes it much more difficult for intruders to shatter the glass unless they are using specialist equipment. If you have ever seen a shattered window, you will know that regular glass shatters usually leaving an area in the centre where glass will spill onto the ground or around the impact area. Laminated glass will crack but not shatter glass which increases the safety of the window should an impact cause the glass to crack. As your acoustic laminated windows are less likely to break, replacement costs are reduced or kept to a minimum. These windows can also withstand changes in temperature as well as reducing the effects of UV rays entering the home.

The Rise in Popularity of Noise Reducing Glass & Windows

It’s unfortunately no surprise that the need for noise insulation is becoming more and more prevalent in modern society. New buildings and older buildings alike are being fitted with noise resistant windows due to the fact that air traffic is rapidly increasing and motorways are being developed further. Many businesses, homes and other premises are choosing to adopt noise absorbing and reflecting windows for privacy or to stop the annoyance of noise pollution. If you are living in a busy area then you do not need to suffer the annoyances of noise pollution! Installing  acoustic laminated windows will ensure that the noise stays out and you can enjoy a great night’s sleep or your favourite television shows!

Installing Acoustic Laminated Windows With Capital UPVC

Capital UPVC are proud to launch our range of acoustic laminated windows. Offering outstanding safety and noise reduction, these windows can transform the way that you live in your property and allow you to relax in the comfort of your home without the annoyance of being disturbed by noise pollution. We offer finance options in which you can choose to spread the cost interest free or buy today and pay in 12 months. When you purchase your acoustic laminated windows with Capital UPVC, our team of expert installers will visit your property after your windows have been ordered. We will then install your windows at a time that suits you to ensure that you can enjoy the full benefits of your new acoustic laminated windows.

Replacing Your Current Windows

You may find that your current windows are not sufficient enough to suit your requirements. This may be because you have older style windows, have windows that are not thermally efficient or windows that aren’t particularly noise resistant. Should you be unhappy with your current windows then acoustic laminated windows are an ideal replacement. Whether you are looking for new windows or replacement windows then we can help you. Having helped numerous clients install their dream windows, we can help you find the ideal replacement or new windows that you may need.

Install Your New Acoustic Laminated Windows With Capital UPVC

Acoustic Laminated Windows Near Me Cardiff

Installing your new acoustic laminated windows couldn’t be easier with Capital UPVC. If you find that you are in constant battle with outside disturbances then we highly recommend that you consider installing these innovative windows. We have a number of payment and finance options to help you install and enjoy your new windows. Built with safety and convenience in mind, your new windows will be a fantastic addition to your property. You may also be concerned about the current energy efficiency of your windows.

Replacing your current windows is the perfect way to make subtle changes in your property, whilst allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet in your property. We will work closely with you from the commissioning of your new acoustic laminated windows to the installation and aftercare of your windows. If you live in an area that is currently in development of further roads, airports or other areas that generate large amounts of noise from the outside then we highly recommend that you consider installing noise reducing windows. This will make sure that these developments do not disturb you and that you will not be aggravated by the large amount of noise that may be coming soon. If you are interested in finding out more about acoustic laminated windows or if you are looking for acoustic laminated windows near me in Cardiff then enquire with Capital UPVC using a contact form on our website. Alternatively, call a friendly member of our team now on: 029 2047 2700.